Pha Medpros

A Guide to Pha Medpros

pha medpros

Before completing the pha medpros online application, you should read the following: What is the process like? Does it require fasting? Are there other requirements? And, of course, how much will it cost? To answer these questions, we have put together a guide that covers the important aspects of pha medpros. Read on to learn more about this program and the benefits it offers. To start your application, please review the following topics: What is the physical exam and how long will you need to fast?

Online portion of pha medpros

MEDPROS stands for Periodic Health Assessment. It has two parts – the physical and mental assessments and the health assessment itself. The physical assessment is used to determine a Soldier’s potential for deployment within six months. Results of the PHA are entered into MEDPROS at the point of service. The online portion of MEDPROS is accessed by a patient through a web portal.


Army’s MEDICAL PROtection System is intended to keep its Soldiers up to date regarding essential health information and readiness for deployment. The program tracks vital medical data such as immunizations, dental readiness, vision tests, and annual physical health assessments. The system, however, falls short in many ways. One of the main issues is the lack of automation in completing physical profile reports. A computerized system could drastically reduce the man hours necessary to compile this information.


PHA is an annual medical examination that evaluates the fitness of military service members. Although PHA is a well-established screening test, the lack of standardized methods makes it difficult to determine a general cost for a PHA. Military personnel also have access to travel and nursing facilities. Cost estimates for PHA vary considerably depending on the type of health assessment and how the results are interpreted. Regardless of whether a PHA is conducted in person or by telephone, it requires Defense Department approval.

Other pha medpros

PHA for ARMY members will be available in the MTF’s sick call area. The ACTIVE COMPONENT SOLDIER will begin his PHA via an online system and coordinate the rest of his medication through his unit leadership. For the NATIONAL GUARD AND RESERVE, the PHA process will begin online and coordinated by the ACTIVE COMPONENT SOLDIER and the unit leadership.