Medpros Commanders Portal 2

The new MedPros Commanders Portal streamlines the information available to military commanders. Previously, commanders had to access five different systems to pull data. Now, they can access a single screen of information rather than having to browse an alphabet soup of data in a computer’s memory. The new system offers commanders an overview of unit readiness and projections of future readiness based on soldier profiles. It also includes “Action Items” and messaging sections.

Army Login

The Army Login to Medpros Commanders portal is a tool that can help you manage your medical readiness and access your service records. You will need a CAC card and a login ID to access the system. Once you have logged in, you will want to click on “My Medical Readiness Status.” Then, click on “Periodic Health Assessment” to access your health reports. You can even update them online.

The Army Login to Medpros Commanders portal was designed to be easy to use and provide a centralized location for medical information. It includes information about the health and wellness of soldiers, and it allows medical staff to analyze that data. It is an indispensable tool for medical personnel and is designed to keep soldiers healthy and safe.


The new ePAT medpros commander’s portal is designed to help track soldier readiness and deployability. Developed by Army Medicine, the system allows commanders to monitor the status of soldiers and receive alerts when they experience medical issues. The portal also enables commanders to communicate with medical providers.

Previously, commanders had to scour five different systems to pull the same information. Now, they can access a single screen that displays all of that information, rather than searching through a mountain of computer storage. The new entry point also includes a summary of unit readiness, projections based on soldier profiles, and messaging sections.


The Medpros Commanders Portal RIDESE allows commanders to access data that was previously unavailable, such as DD Form 2766, a document required for every Soldier to handcarry to a medical support MTF. The Commanders Portal also allows the commander to interact with health care providers and ensure that Soldiers are receiving proper care.

This system will allow commanders to track immunization data, health threats, and deployability. It will also give commanders a way to view area-specific immunization profiles. This will help commanders assess the readiness of a force. Commanders can use the system to monitor immunization data and medical readiness, and make decisions that will best protect the troops in the field.


The e-Profile on the Medpros commanders portal allows for two-way communication between the commander and Soldiers. The portal allows for the commander to monitor Soldiers’ health status and determine if they need definitive care. It also provides the commander with a real-time picture of his or her Soldiers’ readiness. The commander can view the Soldier’s current status, and see how close they are to reaching overdue dates or need medical care.

The e-Profile can be read by anyone with MEDPROS Commander access or delegation authority. Those with this access can view a Soldier’s profile, but they cannot write on it. While a Soldier can refuse PT, it is important to note that the commander is aware of the Soldier’s e-Profile and his or her personal history.

Audiogram form

The MEDPROS Commanders portal is a tool used by commanders to monitor immunization data, health threats, and medical readiness. The portal includes a database of immunizations programs administered by the Defense Agency (DA). Commanders can also view area-specific immunization profiles.