Mwde Medpros

MEDPROS Web Data Entry is a shorthand for MEDPROS, an electronic database used for the update of medical readiness data in a Soldier’s file. It was introduced to the Army on 17 May 2005. Using MEDPROS Web Data Entry grants users 60 coins, part of the Silver Award. It can be used for any kind of data entry, including completing daily reports, maintaining records, and submitting reports to the MEDPROS system.

MEDPROS consists of data entry, medical readiness tracking, and reporting/tracking dental readiness. It is designed to be user-friendly and convenient, so that even those who aren’t familiar with the program can use it. The information it contains helps Soldiers make the best use of their time in the field. The system is available through the Internet, and is accessed through a CAC card.

MEDPROS is an Army-developed automated database that tracks immunization, medical readiness, and deployability. Its use will allow commanders to monitor IMM data and ensure that their troops are ready to fight. In addition to displaying individual and unit readiness data, MEDPROS also provides mission-specific immunization profiles for specific areas. In a real-time operational system, MEDPROS can help commanders understand what’s needed to make their units and divisions more effective.

In order to get the information they need from MEDPROS, clinics must first contact the medical treatment facility information management directorate manager. The manager must make sure that enough “write capability” personnel are in place at each site. The DD Form 2766, or medical deployment folder, must be completed on an electronic form and transmitted to AMSA. The DD Form 2796 and DD Form 2795 must be completed on the Internet.