Medpros Physical Profile

A medpros physical profile is a record of the Soldier’s health and the limitations he/she has in relation to specific medical conditions. If this profile is issued without physician approval, the Soldier may only be eligible for a 90-day temporary profile. Profiles are approved or disapproved based on the signatures of two pro-filing officers, one of whom must be a physician. These profiles will be valid for thirty days from the date of issue.

The commander has a vital role in Soldiers’ health and well-being, but he/she must receive the protected health information about each Soldier. Medical providers have limited rights to release information. To address this need, the Army has implemented the e-Profile system, an application within the Medical Operational Data System suite. This application has been designed to make it easier for commanders to keep track of Soldiers’ medical conditions and profiles.

The medpros physical profile is a document that provides the commander with a list of what the Soldier can and cannot do following an injury. This document should be used to help the commander determine the injured Soldier’s capacity for physical training and combat. It is also important for the commander to know if the limitations listed are appropriate, excessive, or inappropriate. If there is a discrepancy between the profile and the Soldier’s functional capabilities, the commander should address it.

The physical profile serial system is based on the functions of the various systems in the human body. The system also considers the functions of the different organs, systems, and integral parts. Analysis of the medical status of a person is crucial for the assignment and welfare of the patient. Functional grading should be done carefully and accurately. Medical deviations from the norm are important. If an individual has a mental health condition, it should be accurately described in the physical profile.

Individuals with “1” or a “2” physical profile have excellent medical fitness and do not require medical waivers. Individuals with “2” physical profiles may have a physical defect or have a medical condition. Despite these limitations, there are still plenty of medical jobs for people with these conditions. If you are interested in applying to a military medical field, be sure to review the medpros physical profile and find out if you qualify for one of the available positions.

If you are a medical professional, the MEDPROS system can help you with this task. This program tracks a Soldier’s dental and medical readiness. It is accessible to commanders and platoon-level leaders. Access to MEDPROS is available through a medical clinic. In addition to an online course, you can also attend a three-day classroom training. It is imperative to follow these guidelines for proper disposal of the profile and the permanent record.