Medpros Army Portal

Medpros, MPS, AAP, and MPS Portals

The Medicore Army Portal (MEDPRO) provides users with access to comprehensive medical readiness data. This data includes medical readiness data on eyeglasses, DNA, blood type, personal deployment meds, and duty limitations. It also includes dental information. For this purpose, the user must have a computer with a DoD Common Access Card enabled by Internet Explorer 11.

Medpros Army Portal

Commander Portal

The Medical Protection System (MPS) is the acronym for the portal that will allow commanders to access information on a variety of health matters. It will provide commanders with an online one-stop-shop for all medical information, as well as portals for medical provider support personnel and administrators. The Military Protection System allows commanders to access this information for a variety of reasons, including readiness data. Here are a few of the most important reasons why commanders should be using the MPS portal.

The Army has been leading the way in medical innovation to improve the health of its Total Force. The Army’s Medical Readiness Transformation program is one example. It is an initiative of the Army Chief of Staff and has been implemented in three phases. Phase III is scheduled to begin in December, after phase I and II were completed in June and October, respectively. During the MRT, the Army has prioritized readiness as an absolute top priority and has developed the MRP to support that mission.

Senior Commander Portal

The Medical Readiness Portal is a digital platform designed to help high ranking members of the Army access and manage vital data. There are currently 20 different applications for this purpose, each with different features, and each requiring an individual login. The new system is also designed to provide better reporting capabilities and situational understanding of the Army’s overall readiness. The Medpros Army portal is designed to provide this information in phases, with Phase I being launched in June 2016, followed by Phase II in October, and Phase III coming no later than December 31, 2017.

The Medical Readiness Transformation initiative is made up of the e-Profile application, Commander Portal, and Senior Soldiers’ Portal. They will be integrated into the Army portal, incorporating all of its components. These features will include an integrated health assessment tool and enhanced reporting capabilities. Soldiers can also access their medical readiness status through the Home Portal, which will replace the Army Knowledge Online “My MEDPROS Page.”

Healthcare Portal

The Medpros Army Healthcare Portal provides users with a convenient way to access medical records and medical information. The military has implemented this system in three phases, and phase III is scheduled to be completed on Dec. 31. A single login will simplify the process for healthcare providers and allow military leaders to assess the medical preparedness of their total force. This online system is also available to the civilian workforce and select contractor workforce. Regardless of service branch, the portal provides a single source of information for all Army personnel.

The site also features comprehensive Medical Readiness data, including dental and medical readiness requirements, permanent physical profiles, eyeglasses, DNA, HIV, and HIV status. It requires a DoD Common Access Card enabled computer and Internet Explorer 11.

Administrative Portal

The Army Administrative Portal, or AAP, is an online system that provides single entry to the internet for the Department of the Army. It serves the enterprise information needs of the Army through web-based technologies on both classified and unclassified networks. These web assets provide services for Army personnel, civilian workforce, select contractors, and military organizations worldwide. Medpros Army Administrative Portal is a key resource for a physician and unit surgeon to review and maintain medical preparedness information.

First, users must access the Army Portal by entering their login ID and CAC card. From there, they can choose the option called My Medical Readiness Status. Once they have logged in, they need to select the option that says Periodic Health Assessment. Then, they must select a service record under the corresponding category. If the service member has many health conditions, they should select a category that includes those. Alternatively, they can view the data from one’s home page.